Mastery is the art of making something difficult appear easy.

Craig Hunter, Owner of Safari Technology

Safari is best known for being the choice of global brands such as BMW, Harley-Davidson, Jaguar, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz by being instrumental in producing the work to launch over 800 ad campaigns. Our HQ is right here in Los Angeles, CA but, we also have rigs ready for action throughout the Midwest in Detroit, Chicago and Texas. Every technician on the Safari crew is a world class rigger in their own right, specializing in the handling of our state of the art carbon-fiber arms and SR-4 motion control systems.

What makes Safari technology operate in full time beast-mode in the rigging business?

It’s the combination of unique innovations and a serious addiction to perfection. Craig Hunter, Safari Technologies, CEO is the total package. Hunter was raised in a hotbed of high-octane car culture as his father was a Senior VP at Edelbrock motorsports. Today, Hunter is widely regarded as one of the industry’s most versatile stunt performers and precision drivers on both two and four wheels.

As the boss of Safari, Hunter brings the compliment of a stellar reputation as a veteran stunt coordinator. This high-regard is in large part down to his uncanny ability to always see the big picture on any assignment from feature films, commercials and print ads. The natural aptitude for being in sync with the director, clients and creatives on set to provide the best fit for the kind of rock solid confidence that you not only get the shot – you got more than you bargained for!  

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Craig Hunter