Hunter as a young buck made his bones by inventing the first telescopic arm architecture in the 90’s which changed the industry as we know it. His radical approach to camera rigs produced a panoply of a new range of shots that were previously not thought possible. After 25 years and more of leading the field as an innovator in the employment of space age materials, developing new camera moves and maximizing the economy of effort Safari is to those in the know the last word in any argument about rigging. Of course, there are imitators as it tends to be the highest form of flattery. Industry types noticed with excitement the Safari signature actually works and a few strived to chase this example with similar set-ups. However, the long term problem with being a follower and not a leader is that one is always left chasing the leaders cutting edge ability but naturally, remains one generation or more behind and never assumes the lead. It’s kind of like an Iditarod dog sled team.

If you aren’t hooked up as the lead dog out front… then the view doesn’t need to change much – if you know what I mean!

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Craig Hunter