Basically, my loyalty is to the people who consistently do good work and Hunter is one of those guys. He brings the high performance as a precision driver to everything he designs for the rigs and is obviously one of the original innovators in the business. He inherently gets the lensing, framing and the relationship to the stunt coordination from the get go. On top of all that he is a genuinely nice guy too which is a bonus.
~ Sean Thonson / Director + Cinematographer

The energy in Craig will wear you out just watching him go. Hunter does everything he can to make it work in your world. His basic attitude is to never give up and do it right. When other riggers show up with the taco cart and all the organ pipes (speed-rail) they may have two or three guys and take four to six hours to build a cage around the Ferrari for a tail-pipe shot. These guys at Safari show up with the base plate and carbon fiber arm and are good to go in a third the time with one tech – TOTAL RESPECT.
~ Shelly Ward / Shelly Ward Enterprises Inc.

High standards require high performance. Hunter has this phenomenal 100% focus work ethic – he simply will not stop until the thing is perfect. If you are open to listening, his body of knowledge can put you light years ahead of where you want to be. Hunter and Safari are simply a seamless extension of the way I work, from logistics, and concept to production. In fact, I have never used anyone else for rigs. What price is your reputation worth?
~ Clint Clemens / Director + Photographer

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Craig Hunter